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Culinary art of
feast to the eye & palate

The art of culinary has been perfected by Sree Eswara Food Caterers for almost 20 years, beginning with some of the outstanding authentic Indian dishes, while preserving a culture, tradition and standards that will be appreciated. Over the years, that art has been amplified with a vision and desire to provide our clients with versatile dishes, ranging from extremely mild to the richly pungent. With the use of fresh, natural ingredients, wholesome sauces and flavorful spices, our dishes are freshly prepared for each event.

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About Us

Sree Eswara Food Caterers was founded by Mr. Loganathan way back in the early 90s. The company has been a pioneer in Malaysian Catering Industry, with roots in authentic Malaysian culture. With rapid growth in popularity, we realized that we needed a fresh way to meet the expanding needs of our customers. The development of our catering program was a logical step in providing our superior service to our customers.

Our Specialities

Wide spread of menu selection
suitable for every type of event

Kitchen cooking capacity
up to 15,000 people

Food preparation is handled
seriously with regards to
Health and Safety Standards